There are many reasons that suggest that an idea management platform is a right solution for companies to innovate. When it comes to innovating, idea management can be a helpful tool in each phase of the innovation process.

Do you want to be at the top of the innovation trend in your industry? If you think so, this article is a must read.

Innovating with an idea management platform

An idea management platform is the digitalized tool that assists your company from the generation of the idea until its implementation. In addition, it facilitates employee engagement while saving the time of running unproductive meetings. That sounds definitely interesting, right? Keep on the reading to understand how an idea management platform is a right solution to improve the innovation process.

Phase 1: Idea generation

Even the brightest and most groundbreaking innovation starts with just an idea, a simple or complicated one. The idea generation phase is always at the beginning of the innovation process, and that is why is important to start on the right foot. An idea management platform facilitates your team in generating ideas, through allowing each member to bring his valuable contribute. It permits you to gather the ideas from employees who are usually difficult to engage in a classic brainstorming session. In addition, it allows team members to come up with ideas and share them anywhere and at any time, by simply typing them from their phone.

Phase 2: Idea evaluation

During this phase every collected idea has to be evaluated, meaning that a team assessment determines whether it is worth it to proceed with the idea or not. In this stage, each team member contributes to the idea’s analysis by adding his personal thought. In this sense, an idea management platform is a tool that gives your employees the opportunity to type pros and cons related to the idea. Through using an innovative and simple tool to collect employees’ opinions, you have the guarantee of a qualitative assessment of the idea. Running an efficient idea evaluation phase is extremely important for the business development, since it avoids spending time on losing end ideas.

Phase 3: Idea experimentation

In this phase, an idea management platform can lead your company business one step further. Through using an idea management platform, in fact, the communication among department in the firm is facilitated. For this reason, your company will determine more easily and efficiently the customer target and the applicability of the innovation. Poor interdepartmental communication could result in conflicts, inefficiency and in loss of opportunities. In this sense, an idea management platform is a solution to strengthen your business and bring it to the next level.

Phase 4: Idea commercialization

In this phase of the innovation process, companies dig deeper into how the innovation is supposed to solve customer’s pains. In doing that, literature related to innovation management suggests adopting a lean approach. There is no better way to figure that out than including customers in the innovation process. Their feedback and ideas are valuable factors to take into account to improve the product. An Idea management platform, such as Ideanote, permits your company to engage as many customers as demanded. Through including them in the platform, it will be easier to determine which characteristics of the innovation needs to be changed.

Phase 5: Idea implementation

The idea implementation is the last phase of the innovation process. On this stage companies strive to get the final acceptance of the idea, while setting up everything needed to convert the abstract idea into a tangible product. When it comes to determining the structure and resources needed to create the innovation, an idea management platform is a perfect tool. Start by including as many stakeholders as you want on the platform, and then look for the best options available. And do not worry, once posted the idea will remain there. Not like the one written of the last week post-it that you cannot find anymore.


An Idea management platform can improve each phase of your company innovation process. It facilitates your employees’ task of generating ideas, while allowing them to give feedback to the ones of others. In addition, the platform permits your firm to identify its customer targets through boosting collaboration among departments. Finally, an idea management platform is an efficient tool to interact with customers and all the stakeholders. A digitalized idea management system is the future, and you do not want to one of the late adopters. Every forefront organizations already use digital idea management and so should you. What are you waiting for?